Why Hypnotherapy

One in five people in UK has consulted a therapist at some point


There are moments in our lives when we experience difficulties, challenges, stressful life situations, crisis, losses, unmanageable anxiety, blocking fears, lack of confidence, feeling of being stuck, unhealthy thinking patterns, subconscious mental blocks, unwanted behaviours, physical symptoms, intense emotional pain or a need to share our load with someone that can really understand. Still, only 42% of women with anxiety or depression seek professional help. They are times when we don’t see to find solutions on our own, we may feel we are in a lonely place, and it can be difficult to use our own resources, knowledge and power to overcome and learn from our life experiences.

One of the main human’s needs is to be listened to and understood, to be able to open up and talk about one’s issues without being judged. It has been proven that after sharing the things that concern us, our blood pressure goes back to normal and problems become more manageable.

My clients come from all walks of life and although there are common themes in terms of their problems, each story is completely unique and individual. Usually, beneficial changes take place after one session, with clients reporting beneficial desired outcomes in every area of their lives.. But some prefer a long term therapy to make those changes totally permanent and where, together, we can work with their past and every day present challenges for a longer period.