Weight management


A healthy and balanced body begins with a thought. This program is not about diets or exercise it explores the mental process, emotional patterns and habits to achieve and fall in love with your perfect healthy body.

Whatever are the reasons for putting on, and keepping excess weight; (Comfort or emotional eating, excessive intake of heavy, fatty and sweet foods, lack of exercise, sleeping during the day, low thyroid, weak digestion, mental accumulation patterns, poor metabolism). The core reason for all of them is usually in the mind…


Collecting solid heavy mental pictures with emotional charge in them (weight) and holding that energy, is one of the main reasons for accumulating extra weight in the body. Thoughts that are kept to oneself and communications that have not been said provoke excess energy to be stored and stuck in the body…

People react to stress-induced situations and growing-up tensions in their own ways. (Relationship demands, pressure at workplaces, traffic snarls, meeting deadlines…) Absorbing all those pressures and every day tensions in silence and keeping it all to ourselves, in the long run, reflects in the mind and body. When we begin to exteriorized and release this inner-anxieties, the body also starts loosing the excess accumulated weight.


Sometimes the unconscious mind try to protect a person that has been hurt in the pass, by making her/him overweigh and unattractive to any potential attacker. By staying overweight, the mind avoids any intimacy to prevent future hurt…


Emotional eating is a major cause of obesity. As children we all had a lot of emotional experiences around food that may had made our mind to associate food with love, attention and acceptance, making us seek for food every time we feel we need more of that emotions. Sometimes, in order not to deal with some feelings, we learn to bury them in food. We can confuse emotional hunger with real hunger because the two feel similar. (Emotional hunger is sudden and urgent, while physical hunger is gradual and patient).

Some “nursery foods” are:

  • COFFE with SUGAR (Stimulant) used for people with depression
  • SALTY FOODS used for people with stress
  • HARD CHEWY FOODS (STEAK, BAGUETTES, CARROTS..) rid of excess adrenaline and anger
  • CHOCOLATE in the western culture is associated with affection

What ever UNCONSCIOUS BELIEVES we may have to accumulated extra weight in the body, hypnotherapy can find them and release them to resolve the problem.

Hypnosis also helps to program the mind into developing a new positive self image, believing that healthy food tastes better than fattening salty and sugary snacks, enjoy exercising and achieve your desire goal while you continue to enjoy your meals.

Through my weight management program you can choose to adopt a completely new attitude to food and replacing unhelpful habits with healthy alternative behaviors.

It delivers results quickly, ensures you are much more motivated and eliminates excuses for not losing weight.