“Yolanda is a highly skilled and insightful therapist and healer of the human mind. She has a unique ability to work with people, to improve balance and bring transformation to their lives”
D from Worthing


“I am feeling on top of the World, ready to tackle anything and anyone! Thank you!”
C from Horsham


“Yolanda guided me through the most challenging time of my life and took me to a wonderful new adventure: Myself! I thoroughly recommend her as a therapist to anyone who wishes to go deeply into their being”
M from East Grenstead


“I arrived in tears and left in peace and joy… Her sensitivity, support and understanding of the human mind changed my life!”
S from South Water


“My experienced of Hypnotherapy was amazing! It was not only the most relaxing experience I’ve ever have, but Yolanda provided a space where my suppressed emotions were deeply understood and released.”
A. from Small Field


“When my friend recommended me to come to see Yolanda she described her as a “Miracle Worker”, she was absolutely right!! I sleep like a baby for the first time in my adult life… Thank you!”
J from Tumbridge Wells


“Another day of freedom and life beyond smoking…! Thank you so much for the most wonderful gift!”
D from Horley


“I can’t explain what happened to me in my first hypnotherapy session with Yolanda, all I know is that my depression was gone at the end of it and never came back!!! Thank you for bringing my happiness back”
K from West Sussex


“I was a bit sceptical of any deep quick transformations that hypnotherapy could do. Now I’m impressed and presently surprised of Yolanda’s ability to create positive changes in a deep level. I feel unbreakable!”
C from Redhill


“I had tried hypnotherapy before but when I visited Yolanda I realised that there is a big different between an adequate hypnotherapist and an spectacular hypnotherapist. Yolanda is the second one..”
P. from Brighton