“Knowing is the light that will stop you from stumbling in the dark”

  • Where do my behaviour come from?
  • What are my mental programs?
  • Why I behave the way I do?
  • How can I free myself?

Through regression we can access to repressed memories to get those answers and discover the origin of particular behaviours, fears, habits… which will miraculously stop being a problem to gently disappear of our life.

When we identify THE ROOT CAUSE and the suppressed emotion, we feel naturally inclined to drop the behaviour, habit or the most basic attitudes towards life.

By getting to understand (WHY do I bite my nails, eat too much, I’m scared of spiders, can’t stand blood, feel anxious in front of strangers…), the behaviour can go forever.

By releasing the emotional charge from a recorded memory in the Subconscious mind we can get the freedom from its influence to live broadly, deeply and in full colours.