We meditate to bring life's ultimate treasure to our human condition

Meditation allows you to return to your original vibrational blueprint, that is whole, grounded, healthy and connected. When you calm your mind and your senses, you become conscious of your always-present inner Self. The practice of meditation is prescribed as part of the spiritual practice of spiritual leaders under all major religions and spiritual traditions.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; but spiritual beings having a human experience. "
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Can we find solutions to our difficulties without thinking about them? The solution is not in the tumult of the mind but in the silence and quietude. Delete the problem or the difficult person or situation off your mind for a few minutes (taking every single thought about it off your mind) and substitute it for peace, you not only will be able to see it with more perspective, but the answer may just pop in your mind or the situation may just fade and vanish away.. Then you'll experience God is in you.

"Intuition works when there is no thought. Those who have made big discoveries have made them not when they were anxious, but in the stillness, by intuition, rather than by thinking."
Shri Ramana Maharshi.

When you have a problem, meditate on it and the answer will come, during the meditation or afterwards.

"If we can have a practice of connecting with that Source of inner truth, we will make very good decisions in our daily life. We will see through the eyes of Christ that everyone is a diamond underneath. Everyone, at root, is an embodiment of love."


What stands between us and the authentic, enlightened life we sense is possible and what's the process that helps us move beyond it? This persistent barrier to our optimal growth is the programming of the Mind.

"When the mind is no longer seeking, no longer breeding conflict through its wants and cravings, when it is silent with understanding, only then can the immeasurable come into being."
J. Krishnamurti

Everyone should carefully observe which way his MIND is going and what kind of thoughts is producing, to then detach from the mind and choose not to be influenced by it... Meditation can train and control the MIND and reset the brain. It can take you beyond your mind to open the deepest chambers of your heart.


The spirit, the powerful being that you really are, the energy that runs your body, everything that makes you, is stronger than your Mind and can retrain your own thinking. Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave..

"I count life just a stuff To try the soul's strength on."
Robert Browning, In a Balcony

When we drop the thinking mind, the past, present and future disappear, and when time drops you enter into true beingnes..


  • Meditating is Being present..
  • It's the action of not action (not doing)
  • It's to stop thinkinthis and judging
  • It's stopping the time and space dimension
  • it's being awakened from the Mind's illusion
  • A drug free way to feel happy and balance
  • Its discovering the presence of you incredible Self
  • Meditation is listening to our inner being wisdom rather than to our mind's negative voices
  • It's drinking from the original source
  • Meditation is the royal road to super consciousness
  • It is the ladder that will elevate you from bondage to truth, bliss, abiding peace, and knowledge
  • It's to be life and knowing it

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself."
Zen saying

"Whenever you draw near to the secret place, you take all mankind with you, for by the healing and renewing of your own spirit, you send out light to all consciousness."
Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood


The brain, like the body, also undergoes subtle changes during meditation. -When we meditate, our brainwaves slow down from the fast beta waves of normal consciousness, to slower alpha rhythms - or the even slower THETA patterns of deeper meditation. It was observed that after Meditation, 10 out of 11 people had more than doubled the Alpha waves (spreading from the rear part of the brain forwards) Meditating not only slows down your brainwaves and gently guides you into deeper states of mind, but It also sharpeners your creativity, responsiveness and resiliency.

Some of the most important and significant discoveries in the history of mankind have been made in an Alpha state. This is also the state that Academics, Scientists and Artists have identified as being in "flow", when time seems to stand still, yet ideas flow easily and constructively and they are at their most creative.

Professor of Medicine Dr. Benson, at Harvard, (writter of the Best Seller called 'The Relaxation Response') brought 36 Transcendental Meditators into his lab to measure their Heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature... And he found that: -they used 17% less oxygen, -lowered their heart rate by 3 bits/ min. -increased their Theta brain waves (the ones we create before sleep). -Also, meditators counter-acted the stress response (fight or flight) and were in a calmer, happier state.


The benefices of meditation are infinitive:

  • Meditation brings inner Transformation
  • Brings spiritual connection
  • Our attitude and the way we see the world changes
  • We feel a Heightened connection with the universe around us
  • Brings deep sense of peace, balance and blissfulness
  • Puts problems in the physical world in perspective
  • Stops us identifying ourselves with the body or physical posesions
  • Finds answers
  • Improves mental balance and emotional well being
  • Meditators suffer less depression
  • Optimal focus, concentration and memory
  • Removes traumas, phobias, addictions and other conditions
  • Reduces stress and anxiety dramatically
  • Brings happiness and flow in your life
  • Creates a greater sense of inner-peace and tranquility
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Better, more restful and refreshing sleep
  • Heals the body : (pain suspension, cancer, coronary disease)
  • It allows the alignment of the physical cells and body's energy field with the healing frequency of the soul
  • Women who meditate and use guided imagery have higher levels of the immune cells known to combat tumours in the breast.


A beginner needs a quiet place to meditate. Someone with a lot of practice can meditate everywhere and under all circumstances as the inner strength and mind power grows. When you meditate, a lot of thoughts raise their heads, trying to make you stop thinking intently. Observe your thoughts as an spectator, don't judge them or fight them or give them any importance. Thoughts are only thoughts, not reality... Just rise above them. A calm mind is not disturbed by the waves of thoughts.

Calm the winds of your thoughts, and there will be no waves on the ocean of your mind. Successful meditation with the mind, ultimately leads to meditation without the mind. Quiet the Mind and let yourself be gently quiet to all that is right and true for you. The mind wants to be in charge all the time so it will not only produce thoughts to distract you, but also, noises and body sensations (inches, pains uncomfortable feelings, drowsiness...) Recognise it's your mind's productions and don't let them distract your attention and they'll disappear. When the mind realises it's intents don't work on you it will give up and switch off...

The attention tends to wander. It tends to flow towards whatever attracts it. Tie your attention with resolve and intent, and do not let it drag you where it wants to. Concentrate on your consciousness and find out what it is. You may be surprised at what you find. No matter what technique you follow, the technique is just a tool to distract the Mind until you can manage to do it with one pointed mind and you achieve Constant inner peace and serenity without effort. When you manage to rise above your mind through deep meditation, you realize practically what all the seekers have always sought and you may be surprised of the results..

"We need to open our meditative heart, our real heart.
The United Nations can do reformation
but it cannot do transformation.
That you have to do it for yourself"

Shri Brahmananda Sarasuaty.

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