Hypno-Yoga is a therapeutic practice that integrates the wisdowm of the ancient practices of Yoga with the current scientific understanding of the mind.

It is an extremely effective technique for raising the alpha/theta brain waves and strengthening the associated positive effects, like channeling the power of the subconscious mind into change, health and well being.

By entering and operating the Yoga practice from alpha state you will funtion with greater ease and obtain double benefits as a result.

The considerable increase in alpha and theta activity in most regions of the brain after a HYPNO-YOGA session indicates that the brain is deeply relaxed and focused. Through the session, the subjects obtains a better contact with their subconscious and his emotions and stimulates the body’s abilities for healing and pain management.

person in the high Alpha/Theta wave state is able to confront and integrate unconscious processes, as well as being capable of accelerated learning, healing of psychosomatic illnesses, increased creativity and memory improvement.

Modern research supports the experience that yogis have had from Yoga over thousands of years, that the meditative state, characterised by high alpha/theta activity, can bring about a release or "cleansing" of unconscious material in a person.

The practice of Hypno-Yoga focuses in the MIND-BODY CONNECTION and combines the benefices of Yogic Asanas with modern mind therapeutic techniques to support the mind and the whole body to achieve great wholeness.

It is an unique instrument to achieve self realisation, as well as for its physical and curative values.

Some of the many benefices of Hypno-Yoga are:

  • Balancing, Harmonizing and Strengthening both the body and the mind
  • Renewing and replenishing your body and mind
  • Guiding thoughts in the direction you want
  • Managing Moods
  • Improve Sleep
  • Overcoming Stress and releasing tension
  • Modulate your own energy patterns
  • Caring for oneself and developing self-confidence
  • Detaching from worries and "left-brained" activities
  • Maintaining serenity in daily life
  • Being in control of your own responses