Fears and phobias


How long will you let fear paralyze you, take away hours of your life and stop you? Whether it is fear of flying, fear of public speaking of phobias... hypnotherapy will erase your irrational fear and will transform it into power.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioral therapy, phobias are one of the easiest things to eliminate making you see your irrational fear in a rational, resourceful and light way.

Sometimes, only one session is needed for your phobia to loss its power over you..

Over the years I have successfully treated all kinds of phobias (flying, spiders, needles, vomiting, dentist, lifts, birds, clowns…) leaving the client more relax, in control and balanced in the specific situations where he/she used to panic and become anxious and irrational..