Emotional Freedom Thecnique (EFT)


EFT is a type of psychological acupuncture or a meridian-centred energy medicine. This simple procedure of tapping on various energy meridian points helps releasing emotional loads and reducing blocks. It is used in emotional specific traumas such as grief, guilt, anger, depression, phobias and emotional pain that is stored in the body. It also has profound effects on physical ailments such as chronic pain, headaches, digestion problems, pain caused by accidents and injuries and breathing conditions.

This healing technique was created by Gary Craig, a performance coach and Engineer, dedicated to enhancing human achievement and helping others to overcome life long emotional issues that stop them having a healthy life.

Yolanda first learned and experienced EFT in Australia with Abe Pollack (Bowen Therapy, Myopractic, Lymphatic drainage…and EFT expert) when she started being interested in other areas of energy science for healing the emotional and physical bodies. She now gives supportive giddiness to the client to start releasing old emotions and mobilizing energies from wherever they’re stuck. (They are often buried in the tissues and behind hardened muscles).

Some clients may fear that once they start raising the emotions, they won’t be able to stop, but the truth is that most people will release one at a time and only as much as they can handle, while they remain in total control. The end result of Emotional Releasing Technique is that Clients generally experience a “new lease on life”: When the old emotional energy is released, the old painful emotional patterns disappear, and associated physical conditions can then heal.

Other emotional conditions that respond well to EFT are:

  • Grieving loss and abandonment issues
  • Bipolar problems can be defused in intensity and duration
  • Separation issues are mobilized by releasing old emotional holding patterns and beliefs
  • Anxiety, stress, panic disorders, and somatic disorders
  • Co-dependency, Post-traumatic stress issues are often wrapped up in blocked emotions

It also releases the pain and trauma from abuse and other bottled-up emotions.