Child hypnotherapy


Children, just like adults are susceptible to life challenges, stress, fear, pressure, loss, anxiety, violence and negativity, although they may not always display their reactions to this events immediately.

Events can affect them in many different ways and the effects usually show in their mood, behaviour, attitude, activity, mental processes, health and eating & sleeping patterns...

You may notice that their relationships with friends and his attitude towards school may change, as well as their school performance, attention and communication. They may be more upset minded, forgetful, distracted, shy, anxious, nervous, hyperactive and irritable. They may also begin to bite their nails, wet the bed, thumb sucking or develop repetitive vocalisation (stuttering) or body movements (tics).

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in children as their mind begins to reach their higher potential, generate solutions and resolve issues in a pleasant and playful way, before it becomes a permanent part of their lives.

Children are great candidates for hypnotherapy because their imagination is very vivid and strong. They are very suggestible and respond better than adults to visualisations and positive suggestions ( be more relaxed, having more confident, feeling happy...) Children over the aged of 6 or older understand and respond best to hypnotherapy. They are usually quite confortable with closing their eyes, relaxing and enjoying a guided imaginative journey full of positive suggestions for them to ‘act out' in their mind.

It is important that the child is willing to change his feelings and behaviours and that he feels comfortable with the hypnotherapist.

During the duration of the child's treatment, parents need to also be aware that their own anxiety or fears about a particular issue are often transferred to the child and make changes more difficult for him/her.