Break up recovery

  • Have you ever found yourself at the end of a relationship wondering how are you going to survive it?
  • Is the loss so painful that even being alive hurts?
  • Can you not get that person out of your head?
  • Does everything aches?
  • Do you find yourself clinging to an unhealthy relationship just to avoid the pain of parting?
  • Have you lost faith in love, come to mistrust others or yourself?

We can make it possible to HEAL and COMPLET a Relationship in a healthy and pain free way.

Going through a break up can be the most destructive and painful experience of life. It creates a roller coaster of emotions: Denial, Anger, Obsession, Confusion, Anxiety, Depression, Emptiness, Loneliness, Hopelessness.. Your dreams have vanished at a lightning speed, One of the things you lose in a breakup is your future, your expectations of what the story of your life was going to become. Life has suddenly losses its sparkle and everything seems grey and dull without that person. It may feel like the world has come to and end, and you may wonder if you will ever survive..

Some people go "crazy" for 3 or 6 months after the relationship ends. (75% of people experience obsessive thinking about their ex after breaking up) For others, the break up grief and regrets stays for years.. But it doesn’t have to be like that..

The sufering doesn’t need to continue

Splitting up is an event, and recovering is a process to feel whole, fulfilled and self sufficient again. When a relationship ends, life is giving you a chance for a new experience.

Hypnotherapy can help you to heal, to mend your broken heart, to fall out of love, restore your confidence, transform deep disappointment in to liberation and to go from sorrow to peace and profound clarity in no time… A break up crisis can be an opportunity to learn, to discover your strengths, to get up and see your magnificence, to feel life force vibrating stronger inside you and to do things different.. It is a time for re-invention.

I can assure you that the pain will pass… You can release that relationship and make a conscious completion. This therapy will equip you with a powerful, proven process to help you avoid the destructive damage that comes from braking up, as well as showing you how to heal faster any damage you may have suffered in the past..

With the support and understanding of Yolanda you can use this experience to create a whole new and positive life. Yolanda’s kindness and comforting manner will help you to carrying you through this process, while she shares her insights, tips and strategies on moving through this human experience. Together you’ll be able to reach a place of acceptance in the now, to be free from the past, and to look towards the future with renewed optimism. With the right techniques and work on yourself this new time of your life can be far better than what you are just ending.

Welcome to the road of recovery, a time to love yourself with tenderness and understanding.

“The most important relationship of all, the most lasting relationship I will ever have is the relationship I have with myself”