It is the most gentle, beautiful and peaceful form of healing.


Yes, Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in every condition.

Many people come to hypnotherapy for help with an specific symptom, condition or unwanted behavior, (like anxiety, depression, fears, pains, migraines, possessions, weight management, smoking, poor sleep..)

And the effects of good hypnotherapy, however, do much more than simply cure symptoms; it has an overall therapeutic effect, restoring balance and wellbeing in every area of life. Hypnotherapy also increases emotional strength, energy levels, greater enjoyment of life, more confidence, better sleep, moderates appetite…

Because of the deeply relaxing and calming nature of Hypnosis, stress and anxiety respond positively and disappear strait away leaving you a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

A great thing about Hypnosis is that its effect starts working strait for the first session.

As 90% of our patterns of behaviors are ruled by our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, the only way to change these behaviors is through working with the subconscious rather than with the rational conscious mind.

It brings up changes, resolves conflicts and heals in a faster permanent way.

There are many misconceptions about the use of hypnosis as a therapy: with the use of analytical hypnotherapy it is possible to discover the root cause of a problem and, thereby resolve and remove the problem permanently without creating any other symptoms.


Yes, everybody can as far as they are willing to participate and wish to improve. If you are using hypnosis because you are ready for positive changes, it will work wonderfully for you.

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