Guided imagery can help you use your mind to relieve stress, ease pain and speed up healing for most ailments (from curing sleep deprivation to make disappear cancerous cells).

It helps to focus your thoughts to accomplish a specific goal and allows the mind to control what the body is experiencing. It is a great way for the mind to communicate with the body and help it to heal itself and stay healthy.

Together we can teach your mind to use positive imagery and control the images that your mind sends to your body.

It is estimated that the average person has 10,000 thoughts and images every day. The mind tends to process thoughts through images rather than words. Think of a conversation you had with a spouse or loved one recently. Do you hear the words in your head, or do you see a mental picture of the conversation? Most likely it was the picture in your mind that came first. Although pictures in your mind are central to guided imagery healing, imagery isn’t limited to the visual. Much of what the mind experiences relate to sound, taste, touch and smell. Including these elements in your guided imagery experience will help to make it even more effective.

The most common type of imagery that we use everyday is worry. We picture all of the bad things that can happen, and cause endless worry and anxiety over things that only really exist in the mind.